Varenhelm Dominions


Capital: Varengrim
Official Language: Arlven Varenta
Languages: Varenta, various dialects
Government: Mixed; functionally absolute monarchy
Ruling Family: Varengrim
Current Emperor: Vandelwulf Varengrim
Religion: c
Area: c. sq km
Population: c.

Varenthral, also known as the Run, is a kingdom located on the central south coast of Wolkslaif. It is bordered by land to the west, north and east, and by the Varen Sea and Bloed Sea to the south. Varenthral is the ruling kingdom of the Varenhelm Dominions, with its government exerting ruling power over most of central and eastern Wolkslaif. With an area c. 1, 700, 000 km square it is one of the largest political states and the largest ethnic state.


The name Varenthral is derived from the Verent words Varen, meaning wolf, and Vethral, meaning run or field. Varenthral is widely understood to mean wolf’s run or field of wolves. As a result, it is also colloquially known as the Run (ta Vethral).



An unknown people’s left behind large monuments and sites. Varenthral attribute these to a group known as the Onbesen (unknown people).

Varenhelm Dominions

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