Capital: Varengrim
Official Language: Arlven Varenta
National Languages: Varenta, various dialects
Demonym: Varenthrell
Native Species: Human
Native Peoples: Varent
Ruling Family: King’s Family
Current Monarch: King
Religions: c
Area: c. sq km
Population: c.

Varenthral, also known as the Run, is a kingdom located on the central south coast of Wolkslaif. It is bordered by land to the west, north and east, and by the Varen Sea and Bloed Sea to the south. Varenthral is the ruling kingdom of the Varenhelm Dominions, with its government exerting ruling power over most of central and eastern Wolkslaif. With an area c. 1, 700, 000 km square it is one of the largest political states and the largest ethnic state.


The name Varenthral is derived from the Verent words Varen, meaning wolf, and Vethral, meaning run or field. Varenthral is widely understood to mean wolf’s run or field of wolves. As a result, it is also colloquially known as the Run (ta Vethral).



An unknown people’s left behind large monuments and sites. Varenthral attribute these to a group known as the Onbesen (unknown people).

The Rise of Levenst and Varengrim

The Growth of Levenst, c. 100VdV – 50 Vdv

Before the 1st century VdV Levenst was only followed by a handful of western clans as a minor deity. Her following began to grow, however, in the 1st century VdV when trade and politics between the clans allowed her influence to spread. She soon became acknowledged as a common deity and by 50 VdV she was not only a prominent deity in the better half of all Varenthrell clans, but was also hailed as the creator deity in most south-west and western clans and was one of the few deities who had her own clergy.

The Rise of Varengrim

In 40 VdV, Maraketh Varengrim was appointed the high priestess of Levenst’s clergy. As the shaman of Levenst’s “native” clan, Maraketh was regarded by Levenst’s followers as one of her “chosen” and therefore held a lot of influence. Maraketh used this influence to build her power within the clergy and wider society by altering the laws and restructuring the clergy so that her supporters held higher positions of power.
In 32 VdV Maraketh conceived a child by spilling the blood of a wolf on Levenst’s alter, supposedly at the deity’s command, after she was visited by one of Levenst’s followers in a dream. Wulfsbane Varengrim was early in the year 31VdV and on his birth was proclaimed by the highest prophet to be the living embodiment of Levenst’s will. He continued to be promoted by the clergy as he grew and a number of clan’s who followed Levenst as the creator god swore themselves to him.
In 5 VdV Wulfsbane sanctioned a crusade, led by [chieftan of his native clan], that aimed to unify all the clans under the one religious and political power. This was a thirteen year process that ended in 8iK.


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